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Mens Sapphire Ring, Choose The Right Design Makes The Difference

The design of any jewel is an important part of the jewel but in the case of a mens sapphire ring, choosing the right design can do more than enhance the external appearance of the ring. The design of your men's sapphire ring needs to consider the features and pricing of the sapphire gemstone too. For example, a design that needs a very large center gemstone is not likely to suit the budget of most buyers. Sapphires are not cheap and larger sizes are even more expensive. At the same time, using a small sapphire gem stone could make your sapphire men's ring appear quite dainty and delicate. The MAN21 Kaisilver sapphire mens ring shows a good gem stone size for the ring. The center gem stone in this ring is a 9x7mm oval blue sapphire. The gem stone size is just right for most budgets and you need not settle for a cheap quality sapphire to get an affordable sapphire mens ring. Despite the fact that the gem stone in this mens ring is not very large, the impressive design gives the ring a bold and solid feel. The solid gold is perfectly formed like thick folded ripples, a small diamond is set in the gold next to the center blue sapphire gemstone. The healthy gold weight is a minimum of 25 grams and this makes the ring very sturdy. You will not need to worry about your mens sapphire ring denting or deforming. Excellent metal weight also ensures that there is no large gold scooping inside the band. This makes the ring more comfortable to wear. Look closely at the design of this sapphire men's gold ring and you will notice the metal border, that has been provided all around the center sapphire gem stone. Besides providing a firm mounting for the sapphire, the border also protects the edges of the gem stone from chipping or breaking. This does not mean that the sapphire is a soft or delicate stone, saphires along with rubies are very hard. However, any design feature that can add to the durability of your men's saphire ring should be welcomed. The MAN05 is another suggestions for a high end mens sapphire ring. This sapphire ring has a broad band all around and flaunts a square sapphire gemstone in the center. The important thing to know is that not many gem stone manufacturers cut square sapphire gems. This is because cutting a square sapphire results in a high percentage of weight loss during the cutting process. The MAN05 yellow or white gold men's sapphire ring has a good weight and design that is designed to give long term durability. This sapphire men's ring can be worn for all occassions, you could consider this design for a sapphire mens wedding ring too. A pair of sapphire wedding bands can be ordered with this design theme. The lady's sapphire ring could be a bit narrow as compared to the men's sapphire ring. The best thing about the blue sapphire gem stone is that it looks good in white gold or yellow gold. There was a time when jewelry lovers believed that white gold was not a good choice for men's rings, but that wrong notion has been set right by jewelers like Kaisilver. We would like to mentioned that blue sapphires are not the only sapphires used in jewelry. Pink sapphires, white sapphires, green sapphires and even orange sapphires are other sapphire colors that you can choose for your mens sapphire gem stone ring. Another very interesting option for your sapphire ring would be a diffused star sapphire men's ring. A diffused star sapphire is a sapphire that has been dug from the earth just like all other natural sapphires. This gem stone is then given a special treatment on the surface of the gem, without weakening the gem stone. This treatment causes the sapphire to get a stunning star on the surface. The star is sharp and pointed, it also moves along with the source of light that shines on it. There was a time when natural star sapphires were mined from the earth but, rampant mining has depleted resources to near zero. The recent mine output of natural star sapphires has been disappointing, the gems appear to be quite botchy and the star is never sharp. This is the main reason why high end jewelers like Kaisilver today recommend diffused star sapphires for men's rings. The MAN15 yellow gold diffused star sapphire ring for men has been one of the hottest selling custom mens rings for 3 years in a row. This ring shows a large diffused sapphire gem stone set in a sturdy and stylish yellow gold mounting. The great thing about diffused star sapphires is that they are processed from sapphires mined from the earth. Another good thing is that they are affordable, they are so modestly priced that you could even consider setting them in a sterling silver mounting. You would then get an imposing silver men's ring. sapphire ring. The finish on this men's diffused star saphire ring is a dull sand blasted look, you can however order the same ring with a high polish or hammered finish too. When you choose a diffused star sapphire ring makes sure that you get a gem stone that is a treated from a natural sapphire. Many jewelers pass off cheap factory made plastic pieces as diffused star sapphires! Most jewelry buyers are not experts in gemstones, jewelers know this and often take advantage. The best way to get a good jewel and value for your money is to choose the right jeweler. Make sure that you evaluate the jeweler before valuing his jewelry. A reputed jeweler will be willing to share his knowledge with you and guide you to make the right decision. If you are being pushed to rush a sale by your jeweler, find another jeweler. A more complete collection of men's sapphire rings can be seen here.


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